Here & Now Grounding Card Project

A tool for anxiety

The symptoms of anxiety are familiar to almost everyone. Imagine: your palms sweat. Your thoughts race. Your heart beats faster.

And the thing is, when you're in the midst of it, it is almost impossible to remember ways to ground or calm yourself, in order to break that cycle of anxious thinking.

That's where the Here & Now Grounding Cards come in. Drawing on tai chi, Western somatic practices, and my own training as a yoga teacher, I have collected and illustrated 52 techniques for grounding.

How it works

These techniques are illustrated on playing cards, invoking a familiar and tactile sensation. My preliminary testing shows that even handling the cards or shuffling them can bring about a lessening of anxiety. The cards are divided into easy situational categories. This gives users a wide variety of options based on their current situation and needs.

Gimme a deck!

Stay tuned for a Kickstarter campaign.